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test[dji8-ios] A0 BaseProduct

" Accessing the current product "
| product |
product := DJISDKManager product.
product isNil ifTrue: [
  self print: '// There is no product connected'.
  self print: '// Ensure you are running connected to an aircraft/camera or connected to DJI simulator'.
  self print: '// Aborting the test set.'.
  ^self abort

self print: 'Connected to a ',product class name.
self print: 'Model: ',product model.

" Accessing properties of current product "
| object echo |
object := DJISDKManager product.
#( Name FirmwarePackageVersion
) do: [:each|
	echo := [:value| self print: '// ',each ,'=',value ].
	object perform: #with ,each ,$: with: echo