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test[jx8fb] 00 Accessing FacebookSdk

"The main entry point of the framework is FacebookSdk class"

(Smalltalk includesKey: #FacebookSdk) ifFalse: [
	self print: '// The FacebookSdk support is missing. '.
	^self abort
self print: '// Success accessing SDK version '
	,FacebookSdk sdkVersion 

"Accessing information on FacebookSdk"
#(	applicationContext applicationId applicationIdProperty
	applicationName applicationNameProperty
	autoLogAppEventsEnabled autoLogAppEventsEnabledProperty
	clientToken clientTokenProperty
	facebookDomain graphApiVersion
	isDebugEnabled isInitialized isLegacyTokenUpgradeSupported
) do: [:selector|
	self print: '// ',selector,'=', (FacebookSdk perform: selector)
self print: '// cacheDir at ',FacebookSdk cacheDir absolutePath.