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test[jx8Intents] index

To run all this testset evaluate

SwikiCodeRobot @> #(test jx8Intents)

You can also scan the QR on each page to execute the test in U8 Smalltalk Tools application running in your android device

Test Pages


This page is a testing page for Common Intents.

Uploaded Image: alert.gif Note for jx8-android developers
Some of this use cases require additions to manifest file (uses-premission).

Ensure the required permissions are set in global RequiredUsesPermissions (see source file uses-persmissions.st).

Index chunks

The following chunks ensure all the frameworks to run testset are installed in your system, and the system is running in the required execution environment
"Evaluating first chunk of the test set"

(Smalltalk includesKey: #Smalltalk) ifFalse: [
    self print: 'Require s8 execution environment.'.
    self abort
(Smalltalk includesKey: #NodeJS) ifFalse: [
    self print: 'Require NodeJS framework.'.
    self abort
"Smalltalk jsObjectAt: #jxcore ifAbsent: [
    self print: 'Require JX8 execution environment.'.
    self abort