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test[metatest] index

This is the index page of Metatesting section of this swiki.

The tag "metatest" is used here to guide robots to perform basic testing of the robot implementation.


The robot will select pages to fileIn basic tests.

The tests includes:

Main DoIt chunk

"we inform the user we succeded reading and evaluating this chunk."
self print: 'Success evaluating first chunk of the index page!!'.!

    require: #S8Tests
    in: #('u8:aleReimondo/SUnit/S8Tests.st.js').!

"now we want to test class creation, creating a testing class"
 subclass: #Sample1
 category: #metatest!
Sample1 comment: '
	Class created during fileIn of s8-media swiki by robot selecting contents tagged with [metatest].'!

! Sample1 class methodsFor: 'testing' !
	self print: self class name,' #test1'.
	^true! !

Other pages in this test set