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test[m8n] 50 Smalltalk

-- setup

--class methods
if (not smalltalk.Smalltalk:includesKey_("Point")) then error("Missing global Point") end
if smalltalk.Smalltalk:includesKey_("Missing global") then error("Must return false") end
if (not smalltalk.Smalltalk:global().print == nil) then error("Missing print") end
if (not smalltalk.Smalltalk:gc()) then error("Problem collecting garbage") end

--instance methods
if (test["$klass"]~=smalltalk.Smalltalk) then error("smalltalk must be an instance of Smalltalk") end
if (type(smalltalk:description())~="string") then error("The description must be aString") end
if (smalltalk:product()~="S8") then error("Product must be a S8 Smalltalk") end
if (smalltalk["$klass"]:current()~=smalltalk) then error("Smalltalk current must be smalltalk") end

-- cleanup
test = nil