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sample[LuaStudio] index

What is in the samples?

The samples includes from basic operations on LuaStudio to rendering of 3D scenes with S8.
Uploaded Image: 3DSamples.jpg

If you install LuaStudio and run the samples you can learn how to use S8 mounted on top of Lua running in an application host.
Uploaded Image: alert.gifAll the samples run unchanged on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android devices.

How to run the samples?

The sample expressions contained in this pages requires
  1. LuaStudio, any version running on desktop, android or ios device
  2. Resource images and files.
    Download, decompress and install the m8n.luastudio project (m8nLuaStudioProject.zip) that includes all the resources you need to run the samples

LuaStudio Samples

Index chunks

{'	// Warning: executing in a javascript host
	self.error_("This testset must run on m8n platform")
'lua'	-- Executing in a Lua host
	-- require S8 smalltalk to run this test set
	if (not smalltalk) then require("boot") end


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