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[m8n] S8 tests execution results in LuaStudio

test[s8] index

test[s8] Array literals

Uploaded Image: red.gifcode generated for Array literals is broken (on nil contents) must wrap the nil (e.g. smalltalk.UndefinedObject:alias())

test[s8] isNil overwride

Uploaded Image: red.gifcode generation for #isNil can't support refinement of #isNil

test[s8] equality tests


test[s8] IKO and responds testsOK
test[s8] on: Error do:...failed: DNU __true
test[s8] block closuresOK
test[s8] division and reminderOK
test[s8] strict arithmetic5 + #34 - Error: Must be a an error
test[s8] isObjectsingular objects - Error: Wrong result for undefined
test[s8] identity testsTest identity on multiple targets...
//eqeq test failed: XXXX == nil = false
//eqeq test failed: #(7 nil) last == nil = true
//eqeq test failed: nil == #(98 nil) last = true
test[s8] simple evaluationOK
test[s8] hashed collectionsHashedSet with #toString and #valueOf - Error: Wrong size
PoolDictionary with #toString and #valueOf - Error: Wrong size
test[s8] points and rectanglesOK
test[s8] deep callsOK
test[s8] epilogueOK

test[m8n] index

test[m8n] 01 bootOK
test[m8n] 02 SystemDictionaryOK
test[m8n] 10 class hierarchyOK
test[m8n] 11 sending messagesOK
test[m8n] 40 ObjectOK
test[m8n] 41 Behavior and subclassesOK
test[m8n] 45 AssociationOK
test[m8n] 45 BooleanOK
test[m8n] 45 BlockClosureOK
test[m8n] 45 UndefinedObjectOK
test[m8n] 50 KeyedCollectionOK
test[m8n] 50 SetOK
test[m8n] 50 SequenceableCollectionOK
test[m8n] 50 SortingOK
test[m8n] 50 ArrayOK
test[m8n] 50 SmalltalkOK
test[m8n] 60 StringOK - Error: #asDecodedURI Not implemented Yet
test[m8n] 60 StringIOTest not implemented. Yet
test[m8n] 60 NumberOK
test[m8n] 60 ActionsOK
test[m8n] 60 StringStreamOK
test[m8n] 61 toStringOK
test[m8n] 61 asLiteralOK
test[m8n] 70 CompilerOK
test[m8n] 70 ExpressionsOK
test[m8n] 71 SmalltalkParserOK
test[m8n] 80 NativeObjectOK
test[m8n] 80 LuaOK
test[m8n] 81 Metatables and MetamethodsDNU selector
test[m8n] 82 Basic FunctionsError: EOF expected (or invalid character in input)
test[m8n] 82 coroutineOK
test[m8n] 82 debugError: EOF expected (or invalid character in input)