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test[scripting] index

Test set to validate Scripting support.

How to run this tests

  1. Start a node8 application (e.g. U8 Smalltalk Tools) with scripting support
  2. Evaluate the following expression to start this testset

    SwikiCodeRobot @> #(test scripting)

    or open the Swiki Testing Tool on "scripting" test set

Test pages

Other test sets

Index chunks

The following chunks ensure all the frameworks to run testset are installed in your system, and the system is running in the required execution environment
"Evaluating first chunk of the test set"

(Smalltalk includesKey: #Smalltalk) ifFalse: [
    self note: 'Require s8 execution environment.'.
    ^self abort

self	require: #( ScriptParser ScriptCompiler )
	in: (#(Bindings Scripting ScriptCompiler ScriptSteps) collect: [:each|
		'u8:aleReimondo/s8/library/scripting/',each,'.st.js' ])