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test[py8] index

Tests to validate execution of s8 environment running on Python runtime.

How to run this tests

This tests are designed to run on py8 system, evaluating the following expression
SwikiCodeRobot @> #(test py8)

Test pages

test[py8] prologueinitial setup, test of line mode testing
test[py8] 00Work in progress test page
test[py8] 01Literals, access to native language, instVarAt tests, kernelInlines, isObject:, typeOf:, perform..., Smalltalk, Behavior, CompiledMethod, Boolean, Number, BlockClosure, evaluate and value, Block arguments, UndefinedObject, Collections, String, Array, removeAll, Exception, StringStream, Random, DateTime, ClassBuilder, NativeObject, NativeHandle, toolsInlines, snapshotInlines, printing classes, rootClasses
test[py8] 10core tests, Array literals, equality, IKO and responds, division and reminder, identity, iterating, Smalltalk class and instance side, Smalltalk lookup, isObject, isNil, on:do:, strict arithmetic, printing, class inheritance
test[py8] 20encoder's optimizations: core, s8, magnitude, math, printing, boolean
test[py8] 30Accessing: selectors, compiledMethods, subclasses; lookup, super send, events
test[py8] 40PoolDictionary, HashedSet, Stream, String
test[py8] 50Class instVarNames, class instantiation and remotion, Class reshape, subclassing
test[py8] 60Points and rectangles, deep calls, hashed collections, Name tests, accessing subarrays
test[py8] 70Compiler, evaluating expressions
test[py8] 80NativeObject, Python wrappers
test[py8] 90unordered keyword args tests
*test[py8] epilogue*

Index chunks

"Evaluating first chunk of this test set"
(Smalltalk includesKey: #Smalltalk) ifFalse: [
    self print: 'Require s8 execution environment.'.
    self abort
(Smalltalk isRunningOn: #py) ifFalse: [
    self print: 'Require Python runtime.'.
    self abort