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test[py8-std] index

Tests for Standard Library wrappers running on Python runtime.

How to run this tests

This tests are designed to run on py8 system, evaluating the following expression
SwikiCodeRobot @> #(test py8-std)

Test pages

test[py8-std] prologue - initial setup, test of line mode testing
test[py8-std] os
test[py8-std] sys
test[py8-std] io
test[py8-std] gc
test[py8-std] re
test[py8-std] inspect
test[py8-std] 06 threading: 

test[py8-std] socket: 

*test[py8-std] epilogue*

Index chunks

"Evaluating first chunk of this test set"
(Smalltalk includesKey: #Smalltalk) ifFalse: [
    self print: 'Require s8 execution environment.'.
    self abort
(Smalltalk isRunningOn: #py) ifFalse: [
    self print: 'Require Python runtime.'.
    self abort