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test[al8] index

Test set to validate al8 platform.

How to run this tests for al8: 

SwikiCodeRobot @> #(test al8)

Test pages

Basic functionality
Java API call & arguments
Using Java objects
Internal tests
Other tests


SwikiCodeRobot @> #(sample al8)


SwikiCodeRobot @> #(tool al8)

Index chunks

The following chunks ensure all the frameworks to run testset are installed in your system, and the system is running in the required execution environment
"Evaluating first chunk of the test set"

(Smalltalk includesKey: #Smalltalk) ifFalse: [
    self print: 'Require s8 execution environment.'.
    self abort
Smalltalk jsObjectAt: #luajava ifAbsent: [ "luajava not present"
    self print: 'Require al8 execution environment.'.
    self abort
(Smalltalk includesKey: #Java) ifFalse: [
    self print: 'Require Java framework.'.
    self abort
Java isValid ifFalse: [
    self print: 'Java bindings missing.'.
    self abort